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Smart Arm

You can upgrade all folding arms, most rail arms, or create a custom-made arm with Smart Control.


Sensors on the three (3) pivoting joints will allow you to get full control over the arms X / Y position. Register that all screws are fastened in the correct pattern with the correct torque. The arm tells you which screw is next in turn, and only when you are in the right position the screwdriver will start operate.


Choose the sensor-controlled bit-block, smart-bins etc. which ensures that the correct bit and screw are used in the correct position. Connect everything to a PLC system with or without bar code scanning to document exactly how / when a single product is manufactured.

Total traceability

Sensor controlled positioning


Article number






Weight capacity

(kg (lbs))









Max Range

ca (mm)




Min Range

ca (mm)













Handles multiple products

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