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PA-75-0400 Parallel arm balancing torque arm

Torque and Reaction arms for
screwdrivers and other machine tools.


Make the work environment ergonomic and more efficient.

Use our various balancing arms.

You will find our products where there

is manufacturing industry.

Torque and reaction arms

Smart Motion´s parallell arms, sliding torque arms, traveling rail arms, folding arms, articulated arms, suspended arms, linear arms, torque arms, reaction arms, tapping arms, counter balancing arms and reaction arms are adjustable  and torque absorbing arms. Adjustable in X, Y and Z axis. These arms should not be compared to balancers. 


Reduce employee fatigue and injuries. Smart Motion´s arms absorb the weight and torque  from the tool which reduces wear on the operators hands, shoulders and back. The correct tool holder provides for the screw or insert to be mounted perpendicular to the work piece and thereby increases quality. 

We now offer external CNC-production

  • CNC machining

  • Manual- & automatic lathes.

  • Inspection room

  • Injection molding

  • Anodizing

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