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CNC production of components

We offer CNC production at competitive prices and uncompromising quality.

Manufacturing of components should be done where it is made best and at the right price. With the help of a few close partner companies, Smart Motion offers outsourcing of manufacturing in China. As our customer you buy directly from us as a Swedish limited company, of course with quality guarantee. We handle all import, administration and contact with our manufacturing partner companies.

  • Aluminum

  • Steel

  • Plastic

We offer:
  • CNC-machining

  • Manufacturing with both manual-
    & automatic lathes


  • Inspection room

  • Injection molding

  • Anodizing

Vi can also offer manufacturing with:

  • ISO-certification

  • Quality control,
    - Spot-check (standard).
    - Control 100% of all components (extra service)

Mätning axlar

Our most important priority in all manufacturing is first and foremost quality. This means precision, the right material and spotless finish. Of course, the next priority is the price. In order to be competitive, price is of course always crucial. That is precisely why we in our quest to find the perfect combination of these both landed in manufacturing in China. Here we can offer a very high level of manufacturing, many times at competitive prices.

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